Pest control

At SDC, we utilize the best methods to fight pest infestation so that you get rid of the rodents, insects, and any other pests in residential and commercial areas.

We use the best eco-friendly pest control products that keep pests away and your family and the environment safe. These advanced products along with our service guarantee and commitment to the environment separate us from other pest control companies.

We offer you the highest commitment we can to make sure the pests never come back: our 100% Service Guarantee.

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What we offer

We offer commercial, industrial, retail and domestic properties a full range of pest control services including:

Control of rats, mice, black ants, cockroaches and seasonal biting insects, Termite and insect treatments, Fumigation, Fogging, Soil poisoning and weed control, Specialized warehouse and distribution center services, Specialized services and procedures for the food and other industries and much more!

Our Commitment

We are committed to solve your pest related problems whatever they are in the best methods and tools available. Every pest type has a specific method of treating their problem, and we will make a preliminary sweep to study the specific case you are struggling with to solve it with the right methodology and tools.

Rat Control

Mouse Control

Cockroach Control

Mosquito Control

Bed Bug Control

Ant Control

Snake Control

Scorpion Control

Centipede Control

Spider Control

Interior Inspection & Treatment

Inspect interior wall joints, cracks, and crevices for pest infestation. Create an interior barrier that repels pests. Treat beneath sinks and other common entry or breeding areas.

Exterior Inspection & Treatment

Inspect exterior for entry points, migration paths.