Maintaining tile flooring is key to a clean and elegant home. Whether you’ve just moved in or renovated, polished floors enhance both old and new tiles. Our expert team removes grout haze and uses top-notch materials and techniques to make your floors shine. Let us transform your tile floors, ensuring they create an outstanding first impression.

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Polishing The Floors

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or renovated your flooring, part of maintaining your new tile floor is cleaning it. Changing your tile flooring is an easy way to give your home a swanky new look.

Hiring our expert team will get you the new refreshed look of your old tiles and highlight the color and design of your new ones.

Polishing After Grouting

Grout haze is a whitish film left on the surface of a tile after grouting. It comes from minerals leftover after laying the grout between tiles. We polish your tiles to remove the grout haze and make your floors pop!

We Buff and Polish Your Floors With The Best Materials Suitable For Your Tiles

Polishing Tiles

Wax can be added to the tiles and lightly buffed in circles to bring out that shine and color. If you have a larger area, we use fresh and clean pieces of microfiber or chamois cloth to rub the wax in, as it can trap dirt. This process of cleaning and then polishing your tiles will make an outstanding first impression of your flloor areas.

General Floors Polishing

Stone and tile treatments can be time-consuming. The type of tiles or stones used in your home will affect the cleaning process, so they must be cleaned professionally. It’s important to avoid using any unprofessional detergents available in supermarkets, as they can damage your stones or tiles. Transform your floors into shining displays by utilizing our detailed floor polishing services. Regardless of your floor type, our experts can restore the gleam and flatness of your marble or other stone/tile covering by using our professional equipment and skills. A protective layer created by polishing helps prevent soil absorption.


Natural stones such as onyx, granite, quartzite, and marble can be used to create stunning kitchen countertops. Despite their strength and durability, natural stone is not recommended as a cutting board. Although some natural stones are less prone to scratching and chipping than other kitchen countertop materials, your kitchen countertop will need to be polished professionally from time to time to prevent stains from invading the surface and causing damage.


Stone is very popular in bathroom showers, counters, and floors! In bathrooms, soap scum can steal away the luster of your stone. Make sure to use only “stone-safe” products. Regularly rub down the stone and use a squeegee to dry the shower to eliminate moisture damage. Polishing your stone will help keep it fresh and prevent soap scum buildup.

Living Room

A natural stone or tile living room floor is magnificent. When lights hit a freshly polished floor, it looks like mirrors on the floor. The living room area is a high-traffic part of the house, and dirt can damage or be absorbed into the stone. Foot traffic and moving furniture can cause marks and scrapes on your stone as well. With our professional polishing and cleaning services using safe products for your stone, you can keep it looking brand new. Use a gentle cloth or microfiber broom to clean polished surfaces.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are areas prone to chair marks, floor stains, and food spills, especially with kids and guests at the dinner table. Proactivity is the best way to ensure that serious damage, spills, and messes do not succeed. By regularly polishing the stone in your dining room, you protect and ensure that your stone shines beautifully for years to come. When spills occur on your stone, act quickly and mop the area immediately with an absorbent towel to prevent further spread. Also, use felt pads under chair legs to prevent scratches.


As in your living room, natural stone in your bedroom is an indulgence. Morning light shining through your bedroom window and hitting the crystals in the stone will make your floor sparkle and light up the room. When stains occur in your room, it is unsightly. Regular professional polishing can maintain the flawless beauty of your stone. Regular cleaning to remove any dirt from the floor is important. If you have pets, be especially careful with your daily care.